Passwords & MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Password requirements, updating, and troubleshooting your MFA

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Pinned Article How to Keep Your Accounts Safe: Password Requirements and Tips

This article discusses the importance of having strong passwords to keep your Keyano secure. It explains the Keyano password requirements and provides tips and tricks to help users create strong and memorable passwords.

Pinned Article Setting-up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

This article provides a guide on setting up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for your Keyano account. MFA is an important security feature that adds an extra layer of protection by requiring multiple methods of confirming your identity.

Changing your Keyano User account Password

The Keyano user account allows students and staff to access resources like email, Moodle, Teams, VDI (Virtual Desktop) and other resources at the college.
The same credentials are also used to sign into the computers at the college.

Forgot my password

Your Keyano account gives you access to all Keyano resources using SSO (Single Sing-on). Our systems have the ability to let you reset your own passwords at your convenience.

Modifying Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) email or phone number

Instructions on how to modify information within your Multi-Factor Authentication Keyano profile.