Changing your Keyano User account Password

Your Keyano account gives you access to all Keyano resources using SSO (Single Sing-on). If you are just looking to change your password or have been required to change your password, you have the ability to change your password, with no administrator or help desk involvement. If the automated process doesn't work, there is a method to trigger administrative help.
Forgot your password ? Follow the steps here to attempt resetting it.


Follow these steps to set a new password on your Keyano account


  1. Attempt to sign-in on your keyano account.
    We recommend using a service like KeyanoMail by visiting this link:
    Make sure to enter your full email address at this login screen.
    Login Page for Keyano College. Use full email address when asked for username.
  2. If you get prompted to change your password, the Keyano IT administrators have deemed it necessary based on our risk analysis. We assess these risks based on multiple factors including inputs from Microsoft's automated analysis tools.
    Enter your current password and a new password.
    Screenshot showing password change requirements. Password needs to be 12 characters or more in length, and a minimum of 1 number, 1 Upper case alphabet, 1 special character.

  3. If you are signing in for the first time or have not setup Multi-factor authentication (MFA), you will need to provide additional details.
    Read more here: KB article about Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and SelfService Password Reset (SSPR)
    Skip ahead to step 3, if you don't see the following screen.
    Screenshot showing login page, "more information required"

  4. If you already have multi-factor access (MFA) setup, you will be prompted to verify your identify with the options you setup.
    Complete the process as needed.
    Screenshot showing options to verify your identity by phone or text.
  5. When asked to "Stay signed in?", you may chose to remember your account.
    We recommend you only do this on your personal devices.

  6. Once signed in, click on your profile icon at the top right of the screen.
    Then click on "View account"

  7. Click on the box with the link that reads "Change Password".

  8. Complete the process here by setting providing your existing password and a new one.
    Make sure your password meets the specified requirements.
    Change Password page and the requirements for a new password. Minimum 12 characters in length, and at least 1 number, 1 Upper case alphabet, 1 special character


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Your Keyano account gives you access to all Keyano resources using SSO (Single Sing-on). Our systems have the ability to let you reset your own passwords at your convenience.
Password requirements for your Keyano account

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