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This article covers how to access and use the KnowBe4 training platform to complete cybersecurity training and agree to Keyano College policies.
The client portal is the main tool for Keyano College staff to to receive, monitor, work and track all requests for ITS service and has a rich Knowledge Base of articles to assist in "How To" get ITS services. This article is written to show how to log in and access the features of the client portal.
A new on-line system for submitting and tracking ITS service requests is being implemented in Keyano. The Keyano College Client Portal provides faculty, staff and students with the ability to electronically submit their requests by opening tickets for each of the services listed in our Service Catalogue. Users can then track progress made on their tickets and provide feedback directly to ITS technician assigned to service request.
Where to check if you've accidentally deleted a file and how to recover them.
This article explains how to access Keyano resources while working remotely. Through VDI (Virtual Desktop) you can access Connect, your shared drives, and other Keyano applications.
Your Keyano account gives you access to all Keyano resources using SSO (Single Sing-on). Our systems have the ability to let you reset your own passwords at your convenience.
The Keyano user account allows students and staff to access resources like email, Moodle, Teams, VDI (Virtual Desktop) and other resources at the college.
The same credentials are also used to sign into the computers at the college.
Managing passwords in browsers - Best Practices and how to setup
Managing passwords in browsers - Best Practices and how to setup
How to search in TeamDynamix, adding an article to your favorites, checking the status of your tickets in the portal.