Connecting to Keyano-Public Wireless


Keyano College provides a free, open wireless network for staff, students, visitors, and members of the public. Follow these steps to connect to the network:


  1. Access Wireless Settings: Open the wireless settings on your device.
  2. Choose Network: Select "Keyano-Public" from the list of available networks.
  3. Terms and Conditions: A web browser should automatically open. Read the terms and conditions, and click the "I accept the terms" button.
  4. Connection Status: You'll see a status page confirming your connection. Please allow up to 2 minutes for a full connection.

Please be aware that your Keyano-Public Wi-Fi access is limited to 12 hours from the time you connect. After the 12 hours are up, you'll be prompted to reconnect and agree to the terms and conditions again.

Additionally, this network does not provide access to Keyano College's internal resources, including Connect, the Q: Drive, other restricted services, or printing capabilities. For staff and students who need access to these services, connecting via the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is recommended.

Can't get on Keyano-Public? No worries! Our quick troubleshooting guide is here to help.

Keyano-Public Coverage 

Location Wireless Access
ClearWater Campus Available
Bob Lamb Education Centre Available
Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre (SSWC) Available
Oilsands Power and Processing Engineering Lab (OPPEL) Available
Suncor Energy Industrial Campus (SEIC)  Available
Fort Chipewyan Campus Available
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