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Get Office on your personal computer as a student for free. License for Office is tied to your course and program registrations.


As a student of Keyano College, you are eligible to a copy of Microsoft Office to be used at home. This license expires within two years of you completing your program or taking your last course at Keyano College. You will need your Keyano credentials to access this service.

  1. Open the following site on your browser:

  2. Find your Office installation link here. Click on "Install Office"
    Click on "View apps & devices" to view that information on existing devices that you have already installed Office on.
    Window showing the Office download on the Microsoft Portal

  3. Follow the steps shown on screen. Depending on your browser you might be prompted in different ways
    Screenshot showing Office Install processes unique to common browsers


Note: If you have lost license for your copy of Office, its due to the time you have spent away from Keyano College.
Your license is tied to your Program and Course registrations.



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