I can't see my courses on iLearn (Moodle)

Course visibility and access setup is done automatically when you sign in into ilearn.keyano.ca.
There are few exceptions to this rule. The Power Engineering courses like PECO and PELM may have manual registrations that are managed by the School of Trades. Similarly some Nursing courses also involve manual registrations that are managed by School of Nursing.

Outside of those exceptions, here are some of the most common reasons and what you can do about it.


1. The instructor has not made the course visible to you yet.

This is the most common issue that we come across. Your instructors are preparing for the academic year and may not have made the course available to you just yet. Expect the courses to be made visible to you about a week before your course start date. Make sure you check with your instructor first. If you are unsure about who your instructor is, you could reach out to your school/department as well.

2. You might have duplicate accounts with Registrar's Office

While this seems unlikely, you might have had two accounts created. This typically happens when a name change request occurs or if you attempted to create an account yourself instead of recovering an existing one. If you recall having another username / email previously, this could be a potential problem. Reach out to the registrar's office to see if you are correctly registered in your course and don't have duplicate accounts.

3. Incomplete registration Process

Occasionally, the registration process lags behind or fails. You should check with the Office of the Registrar to confirm you have been correctly registered into your course.

4. Course has completed (Past the end date)

Course materials are only visible during the extent of your course. You may lose access to the materials in the course shell on Moodle after your course end date passes. Your grades remain on your profile.

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