Keyano Account (AD)

This service allows employees to:

  • Request a Password Reset 
  • Request details related to an account be modified, such as extension of expiry date or name change
  • Report an Issue with a Keyano Account 

Who can request this service?

  • Faculty and Staff

When is this service available?

This service is available during regular business hours.

Before you request this service, you will need to...

  • Know the employee ID, username, or email address of the account to be updated
  • For name changes, know the original and new name
Request Password Reset Request Name or Details Change Report Account Issue

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The Keyano user account allows students and staff to access resources like email, Moodle, Teams, VDI (Virtual Desktop) and other resources at the college.
The same credentials are also used to sign into the computers at the college.
Your Keyano account gives you access to all Keyano resources using SSO (Single Sing-on). Our systems have the ability to let you reset your own passwords at your convenience.
This article discusses the importance of having strong passwords to keep your Keyano secure. It explains the Keyano password requirements and provides tips and tricks to help users create strong and memorable passwords.


Service ID: 2196
Sun 3/27/22 2:54 PM
Fri 2/3/23 9:11 AM

Service Offerings (3)

Password Reset
Request password reset for your Keyano account
Request Name or Details Change
Request Keyano Account name or account details change
Report Account Issue
Report an Issue with your Keyano account