Accessing Keyano Campus Wi-Fi

There are 2 different types of wireless access at Keyano College.

Keyano-Secure is a secure network for Keyano faculty and staff.  Using this network ensures that faculty and staff are able to connect to Keyano resources.  

Keyano-Open is an open wireless access for Keyano students and guests.  This network will provide internet access, but users will not be able to access College network drives, printing or other internal College content.  

  • Regardless of whether or not a computer or device is provided by the College or personal, anyone using this network will be required to read and accept the Terms of Use
  • Keyano-Open is an unsecured connection 
  • For detailed instructions on how to connect to Keyano-Open, please use the setup reference guides below

For more information, click on your desired option below and follow the login instructions.


Location Wireless Access 
ClearWater Campus Available
Bob Lamb Education Centre Available
Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre ​​​ Available
Oilsands Power and Processing Engineering Lab (OPPEL) Available
Suncor Energy Industrial Campus (SEIC)  Available
Fort Chipewyan Campus Available

Trouble Connecting?

When you experience problems connecting a Computer or Laptop, please first forget the Wi-Fi Network on your device then try to add the network again.

  • Mobile Devices
  • Windows 10:
    • Select the Wi-Fi network icon on the right side of the taskbar, then select Network & Internet Settings
    • Select Wi-Fi , then select Manage Known Networks
    • Select the network you want to forget, then select Forget
  • Windows 11:
    • Select Start  Settings  Network & Internet
    • Select Wi-Fi , then select Manage Known Networks
    • Select Keyano-Open, then select Forget

Manual Configuration Instructions

Setting up your connection this way is only required if your device is unable to automatically discover the necessary settings


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