How to open a ticket on the Keyano College client portal?

1. Log into Keyano college client portal by following the link:

2. Click on the Services link from the menu bar. Select Information Technology Services in categories. The services contain quick links for the most common ITS service requests.

image of Keyano ITS service catalog

4. As an example we will report a hardware issue. Click on Computer and Office Hardware, you will be taken to the available services page. Select Report a Hardware Issue. Click on the Request Service button.

Image of "General Technical Request" service request page

5. You will be presented with a form. Please provide as much detail as possible. Better yet, provide screenshots of the error. Once done click the Request button. You will receive an email with all the relevant information.

Sample service request form


Article ID: 2255
Fri 10/29/21 3:45 PM
Thu 2/16/23 3:25 PM